Animals Course

What they are saying….

I really enjoyed the Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 course. The amount of knowledge I gained far exceeded my expectations. I had many questions when putting the theory into practice and Nayana supported me every step of the way – Doris Harren ,APA1 graduate.
When I first met Nayana I lacked confidence in myself. Nayana saw my potential and nurtured me while I learnt my Animal Aromatherapy skills. I continue to practice Nayana’s teachings, which have allowed some of my own complex animal clients to find their own self belief. – Caroline Thomas APA2 Graduate & Practitioner
I absolutely LOVED the intro course! Irene Collins
Thank you for producing this great introduction! I learned a lot about using oils and about animals in general. Cindy
I have used the oils on my own dogs in conjunction with the veterinary staff and have had wonderful results
when I get the oils out you would think I had fresh chicken or something just as tasty but no it’s the oils they want.
Lynn Scott
Nayana’s book is simply THE BEST animal aromatherapy book available, period! Wendy Wolfe, animal wellness educator.