Nayana Morag

Nayana Morag with her one-eyed kittenNayana Morag, the founder of Essential Animals, is a qualified Animal (and human) Aromatherapist and author of “Essential Oils for Animals: Your complete guide to using aromatherapy for natural animal care and management”. She has a passion for helping humans and other animals understand each other better, so they can live in harmony and health.

Nayana is the main teacher on the Animal PsychAromatica courses. She lives in Portugal with a herd of horses and various other animals, who give her plenty of opportunity to witness the healing powers of essential oils and develop her magic potions… more

Marilyn Peters

A dog licks essential oil from Marilyn Peter's handMarilyn is our Animal Behaviour expert. She has an MSc in Animal Behaviour from Edinburgh university, and was the first graduate of The School of Essential Balance (in fact, the first on-line course would never have come to pass if she hadn’t bugged me about it so persistently!). She lives in Greece, where she is the top animal behaviourist, appearing regularly on TV and writing in magazines.


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