Animal PsychAromatica, Level 2, essential oil for animals certificate course

In Depth on-line learning 

Animal PsychAromatica 2 deepens and broadens your knowledge of how to use aromatics and Chinese medical principles for animal well-being, and prepares you to launch your own animal wellness business.

Study includes

  • How to educate animal owners in the use of aromatics, nutrition and stress management with their animals
  • Pendulum dowsing for meridian balance and essential oils
  • Muscle testing for food sensitivities and allergens
  • How to recognise and interpret self-selection responses in a variety of animals
  • How to work professionally with clients
  • Record keeping and procedures
  • Starting your animal wellness business

Course format

This is a distance learning course, delivered via email, Skype and video. Nayana will take you through the animal assessment and oil selection step by step, using real case studies. To aid learning you will be asked to complete short written assignments, quizzes and case studies. You will have email access to your personal tutor at all times, and acces to a forum where you can chat with other students, past and present. A personalised completion schedule will be arranged with you at the beginning of the course, so you can study at your own pace, from your own home. To gain certification you need to complete 6 animal case studies and 1 essay on a condition, as viewed through the eyes of the Animal PsychAromatica system of wellness.


Completion of Level One, or demonstration of adequate knowledge of essential oils, 5 element theory, and animal husbandry (to be decided by Nayana Morag on a case by case basis).

You must read and write English well enough to read the course notes and complete your assignments.

You must be computer savvy enough to use Skype, open a Dropbox account and upload videos of yourself. You should also have the means to take simple videos of yourself, a phone video camera is good enough. (technical assistance available if needed)

In most cases the minimum age is 18, anyone under 18 and over 16 will be considered on a case by case basis.


  • Anybody who wants to use Animal PsychAromatica professionally
  • Anyone who has completed APA level 1 or equivalent
  • Anyone certified in essential oils for animals with other teachers who would like to broaden their perspective


Additional reading:

The Basic chemistry of aromatherapeutic essential oils, E. Joy Bowles , 

4 paws 5 directions, Cheryl Schwartz DVM

Cost: UK £625, for current exchange rate click here

The course can be paid via credit card/Paypal. Contact me for sign up