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May 2019

My Favourite Summer Essential Oils for Horses & Dogs


Summer is here! Did you dream of it through the cold winter months? The clear warm days, the long evenings with lots of time for hanging out with your horses. But now its here and we are sweating, it's hot, humid, dusty, the animals are bugged by biting insects ........ Luckily, we have essential oils [...]

My Favourite Summer Essential Oils for Horses & Dogs2019-05-29T13:38:48+01:00

Stress & Animal Wellness


Essential oils and natural management reduce stress Understanding the role of stress is one of the first principles of the Animal PsychAromatica Wellness System. If your animal is not well and happy you can guarantee there is some stress at work. Your first step in healing your animal is to understand stress, ways it manifests [...]

Stress & Animal Wellness2019-05-13T16:40:30+01:00

January 2019

Essential Oils & Animal Behavior


1st understand stress The reason I decided to train in Animal Aromatherapy, many moons ago, was because of the dramatic results I saw from offering essential oils to a horse I was working with. This horse was scared of everything, and lived in state of agitation all the time. I offered him chamomile to smell [...]

Essential Oils & Animal Behavior2019-01-27T21:38:36+01:00

December 2018

Geranium essential oil/hydrosol


Geranium Bourbon (Pelargonium graveolens) Geranium is produced in several countries but that coming from the Reunion Islands is far superior in fragrance and complexity. The first fragrance note of Geranium is often overwhlemingly sweet, and people either love or hate it. Good quality geranium has a rich variety of undertones that range from green, to [...]

Geranium essential oil/hydrosol2018-12-07T17:02:57+01:00

November 2018

5 ‘Must-have’ Essential Oils (or Hydrosols) for Animals


No, not the oils I'm talking about, but the picture is pretty! I have 60 plus different essential oils to choose between when working with animals. But this is, even in my eyes, way more than you really need. I always say that if you have these 5 easily available essential oils you [...]

5 ‘Must-have’ Essential Oils (or Hydrosols) for Animals2018-11-20T13:31:03+01:00

October 2018

Frankincense essential oil, mini profile


Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) This is one essential oil that we have all heard of! Since ancient times it has been considered precious and it is certainly one of my ‘must have’ oils. All of the ancient civilisations used it medicinally, spiritually and for beauty and to this day it is burned as incense by the [...]

Frankincense essential oil, mini profile2018-10-28T12:32:48+01:00

September 2018

Which essential oils should I start with?


So many aromatics, so little time! The world of essential oils and aromatic extracts is full of exciting possibilities. When we first start out it is easy to become overwhelmed by choice. And it's not cheap! People often ask me which oils they should start out with. It's a difficult question to answer, and while [...]

Which essential oils should I start with?2018-09-27T13:26:31+01:00

Lentisk essential oil/hydrosol


Lentisk Pistacia lentiscus Commonly known as mastic or lentisk, this large shrub/small tree is widespread around the Mediterranean basin,  Iberian peninsula and most famously Crete. The plant flowers in spring with peculiar small deeply red flowers, which contrast with the deep green of its leaves. All parts of the bush are aromatic. The pea-sized red [...]

Lentisk essential oil/hydrosol2018-09-27T12:31:03+01:00

Animal PsychAromatica and Laminitis: A student’s case study with essential oils


Animal PsychAromatica is a powerfully effective wellness system, based on reducing the stresses in an animal's life, so that he/she can return to health. Allowing an animal to self-select their own medicine is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress, and an integral part of our system. Essential oils give animals the secondary metabolites [...]

Animal PsychAromatica and Laminitis: A student’s case study with essential oils2018-09-04T12:25:42+01:00

August 2018

Support the Earth element with wild carrot seed


It's the same every year. Suddenly the light shifts from the burning clarity of high summer, to a more mellow yellow tone. It's the colour of late summer, and I feel it in my digestion and energy levels. I have a slight discomfort in my stomach, an intolerance of starch and sugar and a desire [...]

Support the Earth element with wild carrot seed2018-08-26T18:55:11+01:00