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August 2014

Horses, dogs, essential oils, Damp Heat in Late Summer


I can tell Late Summer is here by the state of my hat (sweat-stained and a bit battered!) and the outbreak of Damp Heat. I don't just mean we are hot and sweaty, I am referring to the Chinese internal climate of Damp Heat, which leads to fungal infections, digestive problems and some types of itchy skin.

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April 2014

Learning with animals


And on the Eighth Day!

I often mull over the fact that with our animals we play God, creating them in our own likeness: the nervous rider whose horse jumps at everything, the over-anxious dog owner whose dog is aggressive to strangers, the owner who is unhappy with their life so keeps finding non-existent problems in their horse, even the super-happy person with super-happy pet!…. For me one of the most important things animal owners can understand is how they affect their animals and how their own world view will affect what they see in their animals.

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