January 2019

Essential Oils & Animal Behavior


1st understand stress The reason I decided to train in Animal Aromatherapy, many moons ago, was because of the dramatic results I saw from offering essential oils to a horse I was working with. This horse was scared of everything, and lived in state of agitation all the time. I offered him chamomile to smell [...]

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March 2018

Shape up for Spring, with essential oils


Spring! Everything's full of energy and vigour and new life, bounding around enthusiastically like a foal. It's time to shake off the sluggishness of winter and get ready for summer fun. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring belongs to the element Wood, which also rules the Liver and Gallbladder meridians, so this is the best time [...]

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May 2017

How Animals Use Essential Oils Naturally


I live in Portugal, which is an aromatherapist's delight. In my back yard (30 hectares/75 acres) aromatic plants grow wild. They include two types of lavender, helichrysum, cistus, rosemary, mint, thyme and chamomile. My horses and dogs are free to interact with theses plants whenever they like. What I have observed is that they hardly ever [...]

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March 2016

Essential oils for a dog’s hormonal imbalance


It's spring time. I guess it's natural that things 'hormonal' should become an issue. First of all Dharma Dog's mammary glands expanded, and she was gaining weight. I kept running her recent heat through my memory, checking if whether there had been ANY opportunity for her to have slipped away. Despite being 99.9% sure she couldnt [...]

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July 2014

Horse selects eucalyptus essential oil


Today I have been putting together video for the Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 on-line course. This involves diving deep into my video archives as I look for the best possible examples of animals self-selecting essential oil. I came across this clip taken at a workshop I did in Wisconsin some years ago. It's such a [...]

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May 2014

Horses and dogs self-medicate in the English hedgerows


It's May and I'm in England. The sun is shining brightly, the oak trees are out before the ash, which is hopeful (Oak before ash we're in for a splash, Ash before oak we're in for a soak), and the green fields here on my friend Pauhla's organic farm are full of healthy lambs. I am walking down the lane with Doug the Collie, who at 18 months old needs time out from his brother and sister and a little special attention to keep him on the track to being a good citizen.

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Monkey business – essential oils for a capuchin’s broken leg


Aromatics help all animals heal One of the great things about being a teacher is sharing in the adventures and successes of my students. The principles of zoopharmacognosy (animals self-selecting healing herbs and essential oils) apply to any animal, so once you have learnt how to use essential oils with animals, you can offer them to [...]

Monkey business – essential oils for a capuchin’s broken leg2016-12-22T19:41:02+01:00