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The School of Essential Balance offers courses in holistic health for animals, written and mentored by qualified professionals.
Whether you are the loving guardian of a single dog, or a qualified animal health professional, we have courses to interest and enlighten you. We currently have courses in Animal PsychAromatica and Essential Oils for Animals  with others coming soon, such as: Holistic Animal Behaviour, Flower essences, and Traditional Chinese Medicine with aromatics. We aim to provide animal guardians with the best tools available for natural health and management.

Quality content

Our courses are designed to help you build skills at your own pace, and progress to the level you choose, whether for your own interest or to gain a professional certificate. We use the latest technology to deliver quality content, which includes original written material, video tutorials, and quizzes, to create an interactive learning environment.

Personal support

The personal connection is important to us. We are here, as ‘real people’ to support you in the classroom, answer questions or hear suggestions. When you join one of our courses you get access to a forum where you can meet with fellow students, ask questions of teachers, and share your experiences with like-minded people.

Free course offer

For a limited time we are offering our Introduction to Essential Oils for Animals, Absolutely Free. This course is equivalent to a one day workshop with Nayana. It’s not some worthless giveaway to lure you in, but valuable content that we care about. This is information that we want everybody to have for the good of all animals, AND a great way for you to get to know us.  To get signed up click here, now – we’re waiting to welcome you aboard!

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Essential oils for Animals – An introduction

This is a short introduction to essential oils for animals. Get to know essential oils. Understand the powerful role of animal self-selection. Learn how to make your own natural products. 100% refund when you sign up for further courses.

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Practical Aromatherapy for Dogs

Learn practical aromatherapy for dogs. This course covers everything you need to know to use essential oils for your dogs’ daily care and health support. Learn how to make natural flea repellent, so you can reduce chemicals and keep your dog bouncing with health.

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Aromatic Animal Wellness

Learn to use essential oils, hydrosols and herbal oils for animal well-being. Discover the powerful healing method of applied zoopharmacognosy. This course is great for those living or working with animals who want to use essential oils safely. 24 hours CPD.

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Five Element Theory For Animal Wellbeing

Five Element Theory is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a simple system based on nature's rhythms that gives you a fascinating insight into an animal's character, and how to keep him healthy and happy, which essential oils to use and how to feed him. 16 hours CPD certificate

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The Role of Stress in Animal Wellbeing

Stress is the root of all dis-ease. Keeping animals healthy and happy is simple once you understand stress and how you can reduce it. This course explains how stress affects the body and mind, and how aromatics and natural management can help keep it to a minimum. 16 hours CPD

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Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 Certificate

This certificate course teaches you how to use essential oils for animals as part of a complete animal wellness system that includes aromatics, zoopharmacognosy, and holistic animal management. Easily integrates with other animal care and healing skills.

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Animal PsychAromatica Level 2 Certificate

Take your learning to a professional level. Help other animal owners use essential oils and natural management safely and effectively. Learn how to do a meridian balance assessment for deeper understanding of wellness and dis-ease.

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