April 2014

Essential oils for Animals – An introduction


This course will show you how to use essential oils safely and effectively for animal well-being. Essential oils offer a simple, natural solution to many everyday problems, and any animal guardian can use them safely, if you follow a few simply guidelines. In this course you will learn how to help  your animals self-select the [...]

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March 2014

Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 Certificate


Animal PsychAromatica (APA) is a truly holistic animal wellness system, developed by Nayana Morag. APA uses aromatics and natural management to de-stress and improve health for all animals. Our tools include: Essential oils, hydrosols, and herbal oils (aromatics) Applied zoopharmacognosy 5 element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine Stress reduction through natural management and environmental enhancement An understanding of animal behaviour APA is [...]

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Animal PsychAromatica Level 2 Certificate


APA2 is the second stage of the Animal PsychAromatica Certificate. This course takes your skills to a professional level and prepares you to launch your own animal wellness business. You will learn how to assess meridian balance to bring a deeper level of healing to your clients, and how to guide owners in the safe use of essential [...]

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July 2013

Five Element Theory For Animal Wellbeing


The Five Element Theory (5ET) is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It offers a simple, natural way for us to view health and dis-ease and understand what our animals need for optimal well-being. 5 Element theory gives you insights into your animal's character and behaviour. Helps you understand which food suits him best, and how [...]

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