The Five Element Theory (5ET) is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It offers a simple, natural way for us to view health and dis-ease and understand what our animals need for optimal well-being.

5 Element theory gives you insights into your animal’s character and behaviour. Helps you understand which food suits him best, and how to keep him happy. It can also help you choose the best essential oils and supplements to offer.

Any animal carer can benefit from this course,  especially if you are looking for worthwhile continual professional development  (CPD/CE). The course content will give any animal professional deeper insight into clients.  On completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion showing 12 hours of study.

5ET is a tool that can help you make the best choices for the well-being of any particular animal. Understanding this ancient wisdom will enhance your intuition, and help you recognise patterns of wellness and dis-ease so you can intervene before problems develop.

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