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The Role of Stress in Animal Wellbeing

Course Description

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Stress is the root of all dis-ease, but what is stress? How does it function and how can we reduce it for our animals? In this  course you will learn what stress is and how it affects body and mind, the difference between stress and distress, how to recognize symptoms of stress, and some simple steps that you can take to reduce chronic stress in your animals’ lives.

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Course Format

This online course allows you to study any time, any place. Access to each lesson opens as you complete the previous one, allowing you to set your own pace. Nayana is your personal mentor, available to answer your questions via email anytime, your learning is important to her.

 Each lesson is approximately 4 hours study, and includes written and video components for ease of learning. There are also simple quizzes to help you integrate your learning. You will receive a certificate of completion with 16 hours study.

You Will Learn

  • What we mean by “stress”
  • Common causes of stress for domestic animals
  • How stress affects the body
  • How to recognise stress
  • Why some animals suffer from stress more than others
  • How to reduce stress through management and self-selecting aromatics
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This Course is for You

If you love animals and want to help them live a long happy life. Understanding the causes and solutions of stress is the key to wellbeing.  If you work with animals in any capacity this course will help you understand how to help your clients even further. Recommended for:

  • Animal trainers
  • Barn/kennel managers
  • Animal rescue and refuge workers
  • Vet or vet nurse/ technicians,
  • Physiotherapist, massage therapist, Bowen therapist etc
  • Reiki practitioner or healers

However, this course is suitable for anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of natural animal management.



Lesson 1

What is Stress?

What is stress actually? And is it always a bad thing? It’s a word so commonly used we have lost its true meaning. In this lesson we define terms so we all understand what we are talking about.

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Lesson 2

The Physiology of Stress

 In this lesson we take a closer look at exactly what happens in the body when it is exposed to a stressor,  what is the natural role of stress, and when stress becomes distress.



Lesson 3

How to Recognise Stress

There are many ways that stress may express itself in our animals. In this lesson we will dive more deeply into how stress looks for the animals who share our lives, why it may occur and how to recognise it.

Dog eating grass to self-medicate

Lesson 4

How to reduce stress

In this lesson we look at 3 easy ways you can reduce physical and mental stress for all domestic animals, but particularly dogs, cats and horses. You will learn about species-specific management for a healthy, stress free lifestyle.

Course Advantages

Downloadable PDF

The lessons are simply written and beautifully presented and can be printed out if you prefer.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of all the lessons and quizzes. You will receive a downloadable certificate of completion, with 16 study hours.


Each lesson includes a short quiz to help integrate learning. You can repeat the quiz as many times as you like.


Video clips enhance your learning and help you understand what stress looks like and how to use the information presented

Access to Teacher

Nayana has been teaching courses on essential oils for animals since 2000. She is available to answer any questions you have on the course.



Absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I have 2 rescue horses, one of whom is blind.
Thank you, the information is interesting and well presented.
Thank you for this course – I’ve enjoyed taking it and learnt a lot!