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“In ‘Essential Oils for Animals’, Nayana Morag demonstrates her deep dedication to, and long experience of, working therapeutically with animals. Her book outlines an eminently practical approach to the use of aromatics in animal healing, and excels as a comprehensive source of information and insight for the practitioner and pet owner alike.”

Gabriel Mojay, Director, Institute of Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy; author of Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit

“Enjoy this celebration of nature’s healing herbs and discover the therapeutic powers of their essential oils for animals! This is undoubtedly an inspiring book, concise yet comprehensive, full of insights and information, providing us with means to restore the health and wellbeing of our closest companions. Nayana eloquently weaves together scientific data, intuitive wisdom and botanical knowledge, creating a reference book and a practical guide for those who wish to help and heal their animal friends. Her contribution to this field is unique. All our beloved companions thank you, Nayana, for showing a path into deeper awareness and understanding of the art of healing animals with essential oils.”

Ronit Aboutboul, Holistic veterinarian, DVM, RCHom

“Essential Oils for Animals is an exceptional resource for anyone who wants to support their animals in mind, body and spirit. Nayana perfectly balances the scientific aspect of essential oils and hydrosols with the energetic/spiritual facet in a clear, concise and readable manner. The Lotions & Potions chapter assists the reader to put the principles of essential oils into easy, practical applications.

Thank you, Nayana for this wonderful compilation of invaluable information. It will be well used on our ranch.”

Lisa Ross-Williams Author Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care, Associate Editor of Natural Horse Magazine, and Host of the If Your Horse Could Talk Show Buy it here: UK and Europe, USA

“This is a beautifully written book, which is packed with information for anyone who wants to feel confident and use aromatherapy oils with animals. It is clearly set out, so the whole process of selecting a possible oil for your animal is very easy to understand. By letting the animal self medicate, we are allowing them to be in charge of their own healing. This brilliant book, takes the owner/animal carer along a journey of feeling confident when using the oils. In the wild animals would self medicate with herbs of different types if they were not feeling well. Nayana helps the owner to re-connect and understand that animals know best. Nayana shines brightly in this book, you will love her style of writting and learn a lot from her about animal behaviour. I just LOVE this book and cannot wait for the next one.”

Caroline Thomas, Animal Magic

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