Holistic Animal Behaviour Resolution, arises from Marilyn’s own experience working with problem behaviours in dogs and cats. Marilyn quickly realised, after graduating with an MSc in animal science, that the scientific view was very limited, and started look around for broader solutions. She studied holistic therapies, such essential oils, flower essences, reiki and EFT, and incorporated them into her animal behaviour work with great success.

dog_bone_puppyMarilyn believes that in order to resolve behaviours that are problematic for humans and their dogs we must look at the whole picture. It is not effective to prescribe standard behavioural modifications, if we do not also consider the various stresses which may be present for human and animal. These stresses can be emotional, physical, or psychological and therefore we need to have tools to help each of these aspects.

So, Holistic Animal Behaviour Resolution is based on knowledge of the evolutionary and biological development of a species, how that is affected by domestication, and how we can provide a lifestyle that is comfortable and stress free for both animal and human.

The domesticated lifestyle causes some level of stress for all creatures because of the way we have been taught to feed and manage the animals we love. In some cases this chronic stress has caused obvious problems, such as aggression or fearfulness, or illness. To help rebalance an animal who is not functioning well in his/her environment, we use essential oils, flower essences, and other healing modalities in support of the behavioural modifications we suggest the human make.

This holistic approach ensures that all parties understand each other better, communicate clearly and can live together in harmony and health.