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Nayana Morag

Nayana Morag with her one-eyed kitten

I have always loved animals, and have had a knack for understanding what they need ever since I was a child. As an adult I worked with horses, training, teaching, and caring for them, in the UK, USA, India and Israel. I specialised in re-schooling ‘problem’ horses and racehorses. I also developed my own way of helping people ride more softly and confidently, based on self-awareness and aikido. My methods have always been focussed on helping people understand the natural needs of a species, and treating each animal as an individual.

I was always interested in natural ways of caring for all beings, so it was ‘Love at first smell’ when I was introduced to aromatherapy for animals and zoopharmacognosy, as taught by Caroline Ingraham. In 1999 I qualified in Animal Aromatherapy and Touch for Health for Animals through Caroline’s Epona Institute.  Since then I have been practising Aromatherapy for Animals and teaching workshops worldwide, with a focus on behavioural problems.

I continued to develop my skills as an animal healer and have studied, Ttouch, animal acupressure, 5 element theory and Aromatic Energetics (with ITHMA), and Kinesiology.

Through my work, I realised that stress is the root of most dis-ease, whether it manifests physically or psychologically, and that all domestic animals are under a certain amount of stress. To achieve true wellness an animal’s evolutionary psychology must be considered, and we must provide the animals in our care with their natural needs as much as possible. And an appropriate diet is a key to wellness

In response to this understanding I developed the system of Animal PsychAromatica, using aromatics  to rebalance the state of mind (psyche), which allows the body to heal. Animal PsychAromatica also shows animal guardians how they can easily provide most of their animal’s natural needs in a domestic environment. This is a truly holistic system that also helps build trust and communication between person and animal.

In 2006 I started to teach the  Animal PsychAromatica Certificate course, and have graduate students working worldwide.

Every day I learn something new about natural animal care from the animals I live with.  I love sharing this knowledge and experience with others who are passionate about natural animal health. And I am passionate about helping animals and their people live happy, healthy lives together.

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