Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 Certificate


Learn how to use essential oils for animals  with this certificate course. Animal PsychAromatica is a complete animal wellness system using essential oils, TCM and holistic animal management.


Animal PsychAromatica (APA) is a truly holistic animal wellness system, developed by Nayana Morag. APA uses aromatics and natural management to de-stress and improve health for all animals. You will learn about:

  • Essential oils, hydrosols, and herbal oils (aromatics)
  • Applied zoopharmacognosy
  • 5 element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Stress reduction through natural management and environmental enhancement
  • An understanding of animal behaviour

APA is easy to understand, enjoyable to use and has profound results. You can use APA with any animal, from guinea pigs to elephants (honestly, we have the case studies to prove it!).


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