Animal PsychAromatica Level 2 Certificate-Instalments

100.00 / month with a sign-up fee of 150.00

Professional standard certificate course in APA, the total animal wellness system that includes essential oils and TCM. Pay a sign up fee 0f 100 in the currency of your choice plus 7 monthly payments

APA2 is the second stage of the Animal PsychAromatica Certificate. This course takes your skills to a professional level and prepares you to launch your own animal wellness business. You will learn how to assess meridian balance to bring a deeper level of healing to your clients and how to guide owners in the safe use of essential oils, and the other principles of Animal PsychAromatica, such as nutrition and stress reduction. Pay a sign up fee 0f 150, plus 1 month, followed by 6 monthly payments. Exact amount shown at checkout, depending on your country.


This course is open to holders of the APA Level 1 certificate.

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Payment options

Pay in full, 6 monthly payments


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