Inspire and share knowledge

282081_10150246047663248_7765546_nWe are here to help animals and their people live healthier, happier lives, in harmony with nature, and inspire people to be pro-active participants in their animal’s health. We believe that reducing stress leads to healthy animals, who learn more easily. To reduce stress, animal guardians need to understand the basic requirements of the species/breed, provide a suitable environment, and a species-specific diet. Understanding why animals behave as they do is the key to living together happily. 

Tools for holistic well-being

All mammals are made of physical, chemical, mental, and energetic constituents. Our courses help animal carers understand the causes and symptoms of imbalances in any of these areas, and natural ways  to rebalance and keep animals healthy. We aim to educate animal carers on how to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals (medicine, wormers etc), and support the body’s ability to heal itself, using essential oils, herbs, flower essences and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Animals have an innate ability to know what they need for balance in their lives and everything we do is based on animals self-selecting their own remedies. We believe that we, as guardians, must listen to what animals have to say and respect their wishes. We also believe that animals have a lot to teach humans and seek to deepen and broaden this understanding through courses and workshops.

Animal PsychAromatica

These principles combine in the system we call Animal PsychAromatica. This holistic approach to animal wellness uses aromatics, natural nutrition and behaviour resolution to promote the internal and external environment that leads to balanced health. APA teaches animal guardians how to use essential oils safely for horses, dogs & cats and better understand and provide the natural needs of all our essential animals. Holistic Animal Behaviour helps you understand your animals better and find the best holistic solution for your problems

Here to help

nayana morag with horse

But most of all we are here to help you find the holistic solutions you are looking for. We want to empower you with knowledge, so you feel confident that your animal is getting the best possible care. We want animal health practitioners to explore the safe, natural options that are open to them, and discover how essential oils can enhance any healing modality. We love animals, we love the natural way, and live it every day, we would like to share this passion with you.