Marilyn is the founder of the animal behaviour counseling company named AniMinds. AniMinds is a company that aims to cover all the needs of domesticated animals and their owners. In doing so AniMinds offers a range of services including:

  1. Behavioural therapy for a wide range of animals and behavioural problems
  2. Alternative therapies (Essential Oil therapy and Bach flower remedies) aimed at altering problem behaviour
  3. Consultancy on correct animal ownership

Marilyn also conducts a number of seminars aiming to educate the public on animal behaviour and welfare in order to establish the grounds for correct ownership.

About Marilyn

I completed my first degree in Molecular Biology (BSc Biological Sciences: Cell and Molecular) with the University of Essex UK and then completed my Masters degree (MSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare) with the University of Ediburgh Scotland. In addition I completed a diploma course in animal aromatherapy (Diploma in Essential Oil Therapy for Animals) directed by Nayana Morag. For more information I can be contacted at marilyn [at]

I now  also  teach Animal Behaviour and Welfare in the U.S.A, the UK, and Greece next to Nayana Morag.

I am based in Corfu and Athens Greece with my other half and our three dogs where I work with animals with the aim of providing a bridge between animal and owner. I use kinesiology and traditional chinese medicine theory (TCM) (5 element theory) to reveal imbalances in their meridians. Once found I use a mixture of classical behavioural methods, essential oils and flower essences to re-balance them thereby alleviating problem behaviours such as aggression, fear, stress, anxiety, separation anxiety etc…. by using the animal’s instinct of self medication. Apart from problem behaviours the same methods can be used to combat any disease that has a psychological nature i.e skin disorders, seizures etc….. I believe that all dis-ease is a result of stress and therefore, at any level, dealing with the psychology of the animal and underlying energy blockages also helps classical methods (conventional medicine) work more efficiently.

I have worked with all different sorts of animals (farm animals, pets etc…) and also can work long distance. It is not imperative that I see the animal up close, although it is vital to get a very clear history of the animal and the problem. I am also involved with an organisation called IAAWE (International Association of Animal Wellness Educators) and travel the world (Europe and America) to teach Animal Behaviour and general Animal wellness.